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Fortnite: Blackhole broke records on Twitch and Twitter, says Epic

At Fortnite, the event around the “Black Hole” has broken some records. As Epic now reports, records fell on Twitter and Twitch for “The End.” It was the biggest gaming event ever – it was huge on YouTube, too, but pop stars like Beyoncé are even bigger.

Where does the information come from? The information comes from Epic itself. We already knew that many people had watched the mysterious event on social media – we now find out how many it really was.

Speaking to The Fortnite Account Generator, it is clear that more than 7 million people watched the event simultaneously on Twitch, Twitter and YouTube.

The event has now broken records on Twitch and Twitter

At YouTube, the biggest platform, it was at least at the top. There, however, live events are even bigger if Beyonce performs somewhere.

Here’s what Epic says:

On Twitch, 1.7 million people would have watched either the official Fortnite stream or a streamer that had hired Fortnite. That’s a record for the “peak attendance at a single game.”

On Twitter, the “black hole” would have been the most-watched gaming event, with over 50.7 million minutes watched and 42.8 million views. There was a peak of 1.4 million simultaneous viewers

On YouTube, the event garnered 4.3 million simultaneous viewers.

Fortnite ‘sent’ players out of the game on social media

Why was the event so successful? Epic had previously announced the event and a one-week countdown counted down to 8 pm our time.

There have been such events at the end of a season in Fortnite before.

They showed how fortnite’s map would change and brought the story of a season to a close.

This time, however, the event was particularly enigmatic and ended even more spectacularly than usual: a black hole sucked up the map and no one could play anymore.

That moment, when no one could play Fortnite anymore, apparently caused so many to watch this event via YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter to talk to others and see how they reacted or if they knew more in these places.

One can probably assume that the record numbers were immediately reached “AFTER” to the event when nothing moved in the game and only the option remained to press and log out to “Exit”.

It is precisely the “mystery” with this surprising end that has probably provided for the record numbers.