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Summoners War – Starter Guide

Summoners War is the RPG for the smartphone or tablet. It functions on both Android and IOS. It is similar to the Final Fantasy combat system with a very automatism.
Once you started Summoners War, this guide will let you get in the game as fast as you can and amount it immediately.

Quick leveling
Summon and feed critters
Along with the typical leveling in dungeons or events (areas on the map), you’re able to summon creatures through scrolls. In the case, you receive. That’s why you can utilize monsters to give your creatures adventure points. Make use of the Upgrade Shexagram construction, select your leveled monster first, and then select the critters to be fed or forfeited.
Care: The creatures that are cooked disappear! Take care to not feed a few of one’s creatures accidentally. You shouldn’t ever feed natural 4* or 5* critters.
Angelmons has her quite infrequently. They purchased inside the shop or can be dropped in their item’s dungeon. They are available as lvl5, lvl 10 and also lvl 1-5 (maximum ).
Always measure up your Angelmons to lvl 1-5 and wake them!
Take them on your upgrade, once you have these on lvl 1-5. There’s another huge rise of expertise, if has the exact identical section of this Angelmon! Consequently, if possible, feed to the elements.

50 buddies add
As you should have already noticed; you are able to summon creatures through alleged social points. You need 100 points per rally.
Every single day you offer something special to him and can secure 10 SP sent by way of a friend, and that means you get another 10 SP. Therefore you receive 20 points each friend per day. That’s 1000 SP, that equates to 10 creature summonses that are additional.
Tip: Utilize the ingame discussion (only possible from lvl 8) to draw attention for you. Simply write some thing like”please add me for social points” or something.
Usage and improve runes
Already at the area you obtain runes, with that you may offer your monster additional attack power from the place. The following things will always cross your path: 2/4/6 atk percent atk% For those who have already read additional guides.
The explanation: Rune places 1, 3 and 5 capture adjusted attributes. For the even numbers 2.4 and 6, all these vary. Thus a rune might acquire substances, atk percent hp, hp percent, def% and atk. Atk % Runes are a good location if you would like to go to attack power!
As for skill, if you look at the monster, you can press on on the city button. There her opinions from players along with eigtl. Always a proposal about which runes (attributes & sets ) touse.
I see that the set bonuses are not used since the process isn’t known.
Each group should have a quantity of runes for the incentive to become active. For example, 2 runes are required by the energy rune setup. As you’ve got 6 slots, then you can use 6 Energy Runes, providing you with 3x the bonuses!
The Fatal Set, nevertheless, needs 4 runes. If you would like to construct a Fatal/Energy Place, you need 4 Fatal Runes and 2 Power.
You can Find the runes at the situation areas or at the dungeon:

At the beginning you should make an effort to farm good runes as you possibly can with the giant. That is weaker.
Awakening monsters
Whenever you wake up your creatures, they become much stronger (the standard principles increase). Under the thing”Awakening” you can view what essences you will need to it. The essences can be seen at the respective dungeons. These thing dungeons are available on the following days:
Monday: Dark
Periodically , there are events on weekends where all feature dungeons are all still open.
Worth a monster to Begin with

Inugami 3* (Light) -> Very great Healer + D E F Break (Could you obtain on Sundays. There’s definitely an SD (=puzzle Dungeon)
War Bear 2* (Breeze ) -> Ramagos — Plenty of HP and the next skill does just as much damage as he lost to HP! (If your Ramagos gets 20,000 resides remaining and just about 5,000 left, it can do 15,000 hurt!)
Yeti 2* (Fire) -> Tantra – Build an HP sign and heal yourself
Howl 2* (Water) -> Lulu – Good Healer and Supporter
Elf 2* (Wind) -> Shannon – Valuable Attack and Def-Buff Skill – especially for Cairo’s Dungeon
Greif 3* (Wind) -> Bernard – Returns Attack and Def debuff and Speed (6*-value)
Harg 3* (Fire) -> Racuni – Passive skill removes up to two harmful effects of the ally together using the lowest HP and heals HP with 10%
Magic Knight 4* (Water) -> Lapis – You’ll get it as a quest reward and also become one of your first 4* creatures
Once they are awakened their potential unfolds!
However, I become familiar with that it is possible to ask if a monster should be kept by you or if it’s food. Are you unsure, ask in the chat!